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New Michael Wacha Jerseys For Sale Online

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With the signings of pitchers Michael Wacha and, most recently, Rick Porcello, it seems the Mets are putting an offseason emphasis on creating a solid rotation for the 2020 season. With a strong focus on pitching for the coming year, the Mets should now be actively exploring the relief market to mitigate the bullpen issues they suffered in 2019.

It was clear that this was an area that required attention in the offseason, as a troublesome bullpen was much-attributed to the team not playing October baseball. As it stands, there is an unclear vision of the capabilities of relievers like Edwin Diaz for the 2020 season, compelling the Mets to explore added bullpen depth for the coming year.

As the offseason churns along and with quality relief options dwindling, the Mets will have to act quickly in order to acquire the kind of talent that can put them in a better place for the coming year.

The cash-constrained Mets are reportedly unlikely to acquire 31-year-old free agent relief pitcher Dellin Betances, who is expected to land in the Phillies’ bullpen on a one-year deal. Betances’ impressive 621 strikeouts in 381.2 innings, and a career 2.36 ERA and 1.04 WHIP, would have been a superior addition to the bullpen assuming he played and stayed healthy for the entire 2020 season.

With Betances’ name likely out of the running, the free agent reliever market now features the likes of righties Steve Cishek, Will Harris, Daniel Hudson, Collin McHugh, and Craig Stammen. Although the Mets front office may still explore the option to trade, there’s still some quality arms left in free agency to address the team’s bullpen depth.

Will Harris posted a 1.50 ERA and 0.93 WHIP in his 2019 season and, despite being 35 years old, he has historically been a solid reliever over five seasons with the Astros. Harris may prove to be a good option for the Mets, and will be less costly than some of the other pricier options still available.

Right-handed relievers Steve Cishek, Craig Stammen, and Daniel Hudson could also serve as solid choices and are worth a look.

Of the three I prefer Cishek, who posted a 2.95 ERA, 4.54 FIP, and 1.20 WHIP last season with the Cubs. The side-armer has a career 2.69 ERA, 1.15 WHIP, and 9.5 K/9, plus he can close in a pinch and has 132 career saves.

Despite some of the free agent options coming off less-than-desirable 2019 seasons, they may come at a low-cost and high-reward given the chance of a comeback. Collin McHugh, for instance, came off a season where he posted a 4.70 ERA, 1.23 WHIP, and 0.4 WAR for the Astros in 2019.

Right-hander McHugh, who made his MLB debut with the Mets in 2012, suffered a career-worst season in 2019, which may be the result of injury. Buying into McHugh at a low-cost could provide the team with another solid relief option.

Regardless of who the Mets decide to bring into the bullpen, it’s important that they consider their options swiftly before the market dries up and to avoid giving up quality pieces in a trade.

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